Pi-hole setup and installation

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A pi hole is a powerful software which blocks all kind of web ads. The Pi hole setup takes approx 15 minutes and prevents your systems from all kinds of advertisements and malware. This software also increases your security and privacy by monitoring every website. Also you can block any unwanted websites or suspicious websites. Pi hole installation and pi hole setup are discussed in this tutorial.

How Pi Hole works?

When you open a web page in the browser the page tells the browser to load other things like images and ads. The browser cant differentiates between the ads and rests data. Here pi-hole comes in the role it filters the data and passes only the required information.

Material Required

Raspberry pi 1
SD Card 16GB+1

Optional material for Pi hole setup

Instead of the following material you can Setup Raspberry pi Remote desktop using VNC Server.

HDMI Screen1

This Tutorial considers You have a working internet connection and Raspbian installed on your raspberry pi.

Pi hole setup guide

  • Open the Terminal window and type the following command to install raspberry pi-hole software. this is the first step for pi-hole setup guide
curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | bash

It will ask few questions and give warnings those things are discussed bellow.

terminal window
  • The first instruction is Pi-hole automated installation. Press ok
pi hole automatic installation
  • The next option is Static IP it will automatically assign it self a static IP. If you want to change it you can do the for now i press OK.
pi hole static IP
  • Next option is upstream DNS provider I prefer to chose google.
Pi hole setup
  • Generally we use IPv4 protocol so select IPv4 Block ads over IPv4. and press OK.
Pi hole setup
  • On this step you can assign raspberry pi-hole a static IP. You can open pi-hole/admin using this IP address.
Pi hole setup
  • FYI: IP Conflict is a warning dialog box. This case arise when router try to assign same IP to different devices. This problem generally occur in old routers modern routers automatically tackle this situation so press OK.
Pi hole setup
  • Admin interface is important so select on and press OK.
Pi hole setup
  • This dialog box shows your admin IP address use this address to access the admin panel. Ex:- In my case Copy this and paste it in your browser after installation.
Filat step for pi hole setup

This is the final step of how to install pi hole tutorial.

Reset Password for web interface

  • You can update you default pi hole password by using following commands.
pihole -a -p
Admin panel reset pasword

How to set up pi-hole with the router

This setting is different for different routers. Search for DHCP Setting and disable it .

pihole router setup

Test Pi hole web interface

Open your browser and enter your pi-hole IP address with admin ex: in my case Enter Your password you just updated.

pi hole admin panel

Open Settings and select DHCP. Check DHCP Server enable.

pi hole setup guide

Here you done everything. Now You are ready to block all unnecessary advertisements.

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