How to install operating system on Raspberry pi

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The first step to work with raspberry pi is to install an operating system on it. There are many operating systems available for raspberry pi like windows 10, RISC OS, Pidora, etc. We are going to install a Linux based operating system named raspbian OS. In this tutorial, we are going to install an operating system on Raspberry pi. Check Ower other projects click here.

Hardware Required to install operating system on Raspberry pi

  • Memory card (8GB or more).
  • Raspberry Pi (any model).
  • Raspberry pi power adaptor.
  • SD card reader.
  • HDMI supporting Desktop.
  • Keyboard.
  • computer mouse.

Software Required for operating system on Raspberry

  • SD Formatter (
  • ImageWriter(
  • ISO file of Raspbian

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Download Raspbian for operating system on Raspberry

operating system on Raspberry
ISO download website

Download ISO zip file from the official website of Raspberry (click here). You can choose any ISO image depends on your needs. If you are a beginner choose Raspbian Buster with desktop and recommended software. I will recommend this because it has all the accessory software pre-installed.

Unzip all the downloaded software. I recommend unzip all files in one folder and place it on the desktop. so, navigation or finding of files is much easier. Insert the memory card in SD card reader and insert it to your computer USB port.

Format SD card

It is very important to format the SD card before installation. To do this open SD formatter. It will automatically detect your memory card. If not navigate it to desire drive. In my case E: drive is the removable drive.

operating system on Raspberry

SD card formattor

when you press format, it will show you a few warnings just press ok. After that, your sd card is ready to burn OS.

Write ISO file

Open the image writer and click on the folder icon. A new window will open. Navigate to your downloaded ISO file location. which is downloaded from the official website of raspberry.

operating system on Raspberry
Disk Imager

In my case, it is on download folder which is the default path for every download.

operating system on Raspberry

when it uploaded then Click on write then on the next dialog press yes.

A progress bar will start, wait till it complete. Generally, it will take 10-15 minutes.

operating system on Raspberry

After completion write successful dialog will pop up

final image

When write is complete it may show a few warnings. Like an unsupported file or force you to formate just ignore them. Just safely remove your memory card from the computer and insert it to your raspberry pi board.

Connect power adaptor, desktop, mouse, and keyboard. your raspberry pi is ready for action.

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