ESP-01 Pinout Its Specs and Programming

Esp-01 pinout & specification

Introduction ESP-01 is a wifi module which is based on ESP8266 which is a Wi-Fi microcontroller chip. It is a low-cost wifi module with the help of which we can connect wifi to our microcontroller boards. As stated earlier ESP-01 is a low-cost wifi module hence it is widely used in IoT-related projects. The ESP-01 … Read more

ESP 12E and NodMCU Pinout

Esp-32 pinout & specification

Introduction In today’s article, we will be discussing the ESP 12E board which is one of the most used Espressif systems boards. After the introduction of this board, it revolutionized the IoT segment. The ESP 12E board by AI thinker is a Wi-Fi module which is based on the ESP8266EX SoC which is the Wi-Fi … Read more

ESP 32 Pinout, its Specifications And Programming

Esp-32 pinout & specification

Introduction ESP 32 pinout, WROOM 32 board is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module that is based on the Tensilica Xtensa LX6 dual-core microprocessor which is a dual-core processor with an operating frequency of up to 240 MHz. ESP 32 is developed by Espressif System, this board helps in connecting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to microcontroller boards. … Read more

How to Program ESP8266 Nodemcu using Arduino IDE

Esp8266 nodmcu

Espressif is one of the leading companies that mainly deals in Wi-Fi enabled microcontrollers. Their popular development boards are ESP8266 Nodemcu, ESP32, and ESP01. These tiny little powerful beast have onboard Wi-Fi connectivity that makes it a perfect device for IoT projects. These boards are very cheap which makes it perfect for ESP8266 projects. We … Read more

Home Security Cameras Using ESP32 Camera

Home security cameras using ESP32 camera

The ESP32 is a powerful Camera Module. Under this column, we’ll deeply discuss the ESP32 cam module, set up a video streaming server, and use it as a Home Security Camera. We already know how to program ESP8266 nodemcu. Introduction to ESP32 Camera The camera breakout board is based on ESP32-S WI-Fi enabled microcontroller. It … Read more