Raspberry Pi Qr Code Scanner

Have you ever thought of creating your own Raspberry Pi QR code scanner? Whether you are a student who is willing to create a QR code scanner as your school or college project or anyone who just wants to test their electrical knowledge by creating a hands-on project. This will be a good kickstart for … Read more

Raspberry Pi Undervoltage Detected Warning And Its Consequences

A detailed explanation of solid state relays

Introduction For enthusiasts and professionals working with Raspberry Pi, encountering the “Raspberry Pi Undervoltage Detected” warning can be a frustrating obstacle. Fortunately, there is a way to address this common issue effectively.  This blog post dives into the nuances of Raspberry Pi Undervoltage warnings, the repercussions of overlooking such alerts. Moreover, it explores DIY remedies … Read more

How to Bypass the Starter Relay?

How to Bypass the Starter Relay?

In this blog, we’ll offer a thorough how-to on avoiding the starter relay. We will go over the function of the starter relay, how to bypass it, and how to recognize the warning signals of a malfunctioning starter relay. What is a Starter Relay? A Starter Relay is an electromechanical switch that controls the flow … Read more

Beaglebone AI – The most powerful SBC

Beaglebone AI - The most powerful SBC

Introduction Beaglebone AI, which has the capabilities of industrial computers with the form factor of a small single-board computer or SBC. Beaglebone Ai is built on the Linux open-source methodology which eventually has been proven successful at BeagleBoard.org.  Due to the basis of the Texas Instruments AM5729, the developers of various projects can now take … Read more

ESP-01 Pinout Its Specs and Programming

Esp-01 pinout & specification

Introduction ESP-01 is a wifi module which is based on ESP8266 which is a Wi-Fi microcontroller chip. It is a low-cost wifi module with the help of which we can connect wifi to our microcontroller boards. As stated earlier ESP-01 is a low-cost wifi module hence it is widely used in IoT-related projects. The ESP-01 … Read more