ADXL335 Accelerometer Sensor working and Arduino Interface

working of Accelerometer and arduino interface

An Accelerometer can be demonstrated as an electronic device used to measure the movement of anybody or a structure. In simple words, it measures the acceleration and vibration of anybody. It can absorb the vibrating waves released by the body and find out the point of orientation of the body. It is capable of sensing … Read more

TCS3200/TCS230 Color Sensor working and Arduino interface

colour sensor thumbnail

Colour sensors are widely used in the automobile, cloth, and food packaging industries. Those devices are quite complicated and expensive. So Colour sensors like TCS3200 or TCS239 are perfect modules for small projects because of their inexpensive price and simplicity. In this article, we will learn about the working and Arduino interface of these sensors. … Read more

working of ultrasonic sensor and interfacing with Arduino

ultrasonic working and arduino interface

The ultrasonic sensor HC-SR 05 is one of the most accurate and commonly available sensors to measure distance. In this article, we get to know the working of ultrasonic sensor, Connection with Arduino, and serial monitor output of distance. Ultrasonic sensor working Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR 05 works on ultrasonic sound waves. Transmiter emit ultrasonic sound … Read more

Interface IR sensor with Arduino and control LED’s with remote control

An infrared sensor is an electronic instrument that measures infrared light radiating from objects in its field of view. The most common application is the PIR motion sensor. material required Component name Quantity Arduino 1 IR receiver module 1 LED 2 220ohm Resistor 2 TV Remote 1 Jumper wires as per requirement Breadboard 1 IR … Read more

Arduino Tachometer

arduino tachometer

Basically, a Tachometer is a device used to count on the number of rotations that the particular object is taking in the due time. Initially, the processing was all manual through mechanical coupling to count the rotations. Then, the RPM (revolutions per minute) is determined by the use of gear and displays the information on … Read more