working of ultrasonic sensor and interfacing with Arduino

ultrasonic working and arduino interface

The ultrasonic sensor HC-SR 05 is one of the most accurate and commonly available sensors to measure distance. In this article, we get to know the working of ultrasonic sensor, Connection with Arduino, and serial monitor output of distance. Ultrasonic sensor working Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR 05 works on ultrasonic sound waves. Transmiter emit ultrasonic sound … Read more

Interface IR sensor with Arduino and control LED’s with remote control

An infrared sensor is an electronic instrument that measures infrared light radiating from objects in its field of view. The most common application is the PIR motion sensor. material required Component name Quantity Arduino 1 IR receiver module 1 LED 2 220ohm Resistor 2 TV Remote 1 Jumper wires as per requirement Breadboard 1 IR … Read more

Arduino Serial Print- To Display Output of Sensors

arduino serial print

About Arduino Serial Print Arduino Serial print is an inbuilt function. which allows the computer to communicate with the Arduino board having the following syntax It uses SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) protocol to exchange the data between the computer and Arduino. Also, it converts the raw data in ASCII (American Standard Code of Information Interchange). … Read more

Arduino vs Raspberry Pi comparison to choose the right board

raspberry pi vs arduino

It is really difficult to choose the right board to start learning. Arduino vs Raspberry Pi for robotics, which do you think is best. There are many questions related to this topic. In this write-up, we will discuss these two popular boards in detail. What is Raspberry Pi vs Arduino Raspberry Pi is the name … Read more