Arduino Serial Print- To Display Output of Sensors

arduino serial print

About Arduino Serial Print Arduino Serial print is an inbuilt function. which allows the computer to communicate with the Arduino board having the following syntax It uses SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) protocol to exchange the data between the computer and Arduino. Also, it converts the raw data in ASCII (American Standard Code of Information Interchange). … Read more

LED Display using RGB LED strip

RGC LED strip

Neopixel or Programmable RGB LED strips are individually addressable LEDs controlled by WS2811, and WS2812 ICs through a single wire. Here, I am sharing my work on how can we make a scrolling text display using a ws2812b LED strip and Arduino UNO. You can make it with any matrix size, as example, I making … Read more

Arduino vs Raspberry Pi comparison to choose the right board

raspberry pi vs arduino

It is really difficult to choose the right board to start learning. Arduino vs Raspberry Pi for robotics, which do you think is best. There are many questions related to this topic. In this write-up, we will discuss these two popular boards in detail. What is Raspberry Pi vs Arduino Raspberry Pi is the name … Read more

Arduino LCD display with I2C module

Arduino and lcd

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is also known as an alphanumeric display. It shows the alphabets and numbers, and a few symbols. It is a no graphic display for colors and pictures to show. If required, we can go for a TFT display. In this tutorial, we will learn how to connect and operate the LCD … Read more