How to Install Android on Raspberry Pi

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Android is a very popular platform nowadays. There are 2billion android enable devices all over the world. So the question comes in mind can we install Android on Raspberry Pi. The answer is yes, there is an android for raspberry pi is available for free. Raspbian is a popular and recommended raspberry pi OS and we already discussed the installation. Here we make raspberry pi smart tv.

Material Required


1.Raspberry Pi1
6.Micro SD card1
7.SD Card Reader1


3.Android Compress bin file

Format SD card

It is important to format the SD card. Don’t use the default window format. Download SDformatter from the above link. Then extracts the Zip file and open SDFormatter.

  • Insert your memory card in the card reader and connect to your computer. After that open SDFormatter, the window should look like this.
 raspberry pi android
  • It will automatically detect your removable device and show in Drive option in my case it is E: drive. Directly hit the Format option. The first warning pop out is “Data may be retrieved after Quick Format Do you want to continue with Quick Format? “. Press ok to continue.
 raspberry pi android
  • The next warning is “Do not remove the drive during formatting are you sure you want to format?” Press ok, This is a warning do not remove your device between the process because it damage the device.
 raspberry pi android
  • After that Process will start and a Processing window will pop up. Wait for the completion and then your memory card is ready to flash.
 raspberry pi android
 raspberry pi android

Flash or BalenaEtcher

BalenaEtcher is a flash SD app software that helps the computer to flash android OS in SDcard. Download the flash sd app software link is in the software required table and install it.

  • Open Etcher flash SD app and click on Flash from file.
flash sd app
  • Navigate and select the raspberry pi images android p 9 and open.
flash sd app
  • Click on Flash in the flash SD app and the process will start. It takes some time to take a coffee break.
flash sd app
  • The flash SD app software will automatically Decompress, flash, and verify. The entire process takes some time so have patience. Do not remove the device during the process it may damage the SD card and Card reader.
balena etcher

Boot Raspberry Pi

Your SD card with raspberry pi os is ready to use. Successfully installation of on raspberry pi 3 is done. Remove SD card from PC and insert it on Raspberrypi. Supply Power connects Keyboard, mouse, and screen.

  • The boot screen shows installation of android raspberrypi 3 is successful.
Android pi boot screen
  • First screen of android for raspberry pi is like this.
raspberry pi android auto

Android on Raspberry Pi internet connection

Slide down and click on the WiFi icon and select your network and enter the password.

Android pi

Android things rpi is ready now login to play store and download your favorite application and mobile game.

raspberry pi smart tv

Android on Raspberry Pi smart TV

You can convert your normal TV into raspberry pi 3 smart TV. Connect your TV with raspberry pi and your raspberry pi smart tv is ready. You can directly access youtube, Brows Instagram, Facebook, etc directly from your tv. This Raspberry pi 3 are also applicable to raspberry pi 2 and other models.

To work with Raspberry pi 2 smart tv you need a LAN connection because raspberry pi 2 does not have WiFi. To access the internet on raspberry pi 2 smart tv you need it also you can use external WiFi card.

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