Your Wi-Fi Router can Spy on You!

Wi-Fi signals undergo changes when they come in direct contact with objects and even humans!

They are capable of revealing information about the shape and motion of whatever they encountered.

Emissions from Wi-Fi router can paint a picture of activity in any room.

Researchers from Pittsburgh think that through home Wi-Fi, they can determine the speed of movement, posture, heart rate, etc.

They used AI, which was trained on signals from people engaged in various activities.

This algorithm was able to draw moving digital portraits of people in a room and their poses.

Other scholars have managed to create a similar tech that can obtain 2D poses based on 17 “vector points” on the body.

On one hand this approach can help people monitor the health of elderly.

On the other hand this can also be used to spy on people.

In 2018, scientists at the University of California showed how hackers working outside someone’s home could track the movements of the people inside by intercepting Wi-Fi signals.