Your Fridge, TV can cause Cyber Attack!

Cyber experts warn that smart home devices are being used to virtually break into your house.

Hackers can attack your home from almost anywhere, your WiFi, your TV and even your refrigerator

Most of our at-home gadgets and electrical appliances are connected to the internet and this creates a major danger.

Without proper precautions, smart home gadgets can give hackers direct access to your homes

These gadgets create an easy entry point. They are also an easy tools for cybercriminals.

According to cyber-expert Darren Guccione, smart home gadgets are often used by cybercriminals to create a 'BotNet'

Criminals can use BotNet to execute a type of cyberattack called a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Insecure smart home gadgets can give full access to your network.

Darren says that the best thing to do is take good cyber-care of your devices.

Users should avoid using the WiFi password provided on the manufacturer's box.

Ensure that your WiFi password is high-strength and is frequently changed.