Woman fell asleep in Tesla on a US Highway!

A woman Tesla driver from US fell asleep for 15 minutes on a California Highway.

The person filming is said to have followed the vehicle for 15 minutes, honking and trying to get the driver's attention.

Tesla's autopilot system is able to assist drivers but it does not make the vehicle totally autonomous, the company's website states.

Users are required to keep their hands on the wheel to maintain control.

The female motorist's body appears limp and unconscious at the wheel.

It is not the first time a Tesla driver has been caught sleeping at the wheel and abusing the vehicle's autopilot system.

In 2019, a man driving a white Tesla was filmed unconscious as the car, also in California.

In December Tesla gave their new Enhanced Autopilot safety assist feature to owners to trial for 30 days for free.

The feature was made available for the Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X owners.

Enhanced Autopilot provides automatic lane changing assist, automatic parking and the ability to summon the car to your location.