Tuesday saw a total lunar eclipse, which won't occur again for three years.

People from Asia, Australia, and the Americas, can see this lunar eclipse early in the morning.

The eclipse began at 3:02 a.m and end at 5:17 a.m last for 90 minutes according to NASA

A lunar eclipse happens when the sun, Earth and moon align. During a full lunar eclipse, the moon falls completely in the Earth's shadow.

The phenomenon causes the moon to appear red, often nicknamed a "blood moon."

During a lunar eclipse, what little sunlight that's left passes through Earth's atmosphere to get to the moon. 

The more cloudy or dusty the atmosphere is, the redder the moon looks.

The next total lunar eclipse won't occur until March 14, 2025, while lunar eclipses generally occur at least once a year.

 NASA predicts that there will be partial moon eclipses before then.

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