Gaze into the mesmerizing Whirlpool Galaxy high in the sky tonight

the spiral staircase-shaped galaxy Messier 51 will be visible tonight.

Today April 14 you can see breath taking whirlpool Galaxy in the dark sky

The M51 will be visible all night in new york city from 8:41 p.m. EDT(0041 Gmt) at 45 degrees over the horizon to the northeast. 

The Galaxy can be visible till the morning of 15 April at 12:57 a.m EDT at an altitude of 83 degrees over the northern horizon

In the Sky gives M51's right ascension as 13h29m50s and its declination as 47°11'N. 

The galaxy, which has the alternative designation NGC 5194, was first discovered in October 1773 by Charles Messier.

The M51 galaxy is 31 million light-years from earth 

The Whirlpool Galaxy should not visible to the naked eye you need a pair of skywatching binoculars or a telescope.

First, locate Ursa Major the galaxy is just northeast of the last star in Dippper's. "handle," Alkaid.