We are in the midst of 6th Mass Extinction!

Scientists are saying that we are in the midst of Earth's 6th mass extinction.

Author of The Population Bomb (1968), Paul Ehrlich said, 'To maintain the lifestyle of the entire planet, we need five more earths.'

According to Ehrlich the population growth in humans is stripping the resources that support our lives and the biodiversity.

Stanford scientist, Tony Barnosky said that the rate of extinction is faster by 100 times.

The mass extinction begins with loss of species, habitat loss and this leads to the crumbling of the natural order.

The worldwide population of 8.5 billion plus people are consuming 175% of what the Earth can regenerate.

Ecologist and Researcher, Gerardo Ceballos said, 'The next two decades will define the fate of millions of species.'

According to Ceballos and team, ÔÇťaround 94% of the populations of 77 mammal and bird species on the brink of extinction have been lost in the last century.

The researchers said that one of the possible solutions is to designate species with populations below 5,000 as critically endangered on the IUCN list.

Future generations deserve better from us, added the researchers.