Soldiers control weapons with thoughts

Brain-computer interfaces could enable soldiers to turn off their fear and control weapons with their thoughts, but the ethics of neurotechnology lag behind the science.

Scientists trying to develop a brain-computer interface(BCI) that decodes and transmits brain signals to an external device to carry out the desired action.

This technology is already tested on people who are suffering from neuromuscular disorders. 

Researchers are looking into ways to directly translate brain signals into synthesized speech.

Many practical concerns with BCI have not been completely taken into account, despite the fact that ethicists have pushed for a deeper ethical investigation into neural alteration.

Applications for non-medical BCI are being investigated in a wide range of sectors, including gaming, VR, artistic performance, combat, and air traffic management.

The U.S. trying to develop a safe neural interface system capable of reading from and writing to multiple points in the brain at once.

These projects have not opened a public discussion about the ethics of these technologies.

The good and bad use of this technology is still a topic of debate but inventions like this definitely help mankind. 

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