NASA Camera Shows Shadowy Crater of Moon

South Korean-built Danuri Lunar Orbiter Took Unbelievable Pictures of The Moon.

The ShadowCam is operating aboard Danuri and is one of the 6 science payloads.

The ShadowCam captured the permanently shadowed region inside the Shackleton crater near the Moon's South Pole..

The upper part of the image shows the base of the steep wall of the Shackleton crater. The lower part shows the crater floor.

NASA-funded ShadowCam will reveal regions where sun never shines

The ShadowCam is sensitive so it reveals the interior but none of the rim, said Mark Robinson of Arizona State University.

NASA is exploring the polar region for a human landing with the Artemis III mission.

Danuri was launched in August 2022 and reached the lunar orbit in mid-December.

Unlike Earth, The Moon has some parts that never receive any sunlight.

The ShadowCam is highly sensitive. This means it will be able to detect even dimly reflected light and provide never before seen views of The Moon

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