Recently, astronomers discovered an old solar system that is very unlike from our own.

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90 light-years far from us a 100 billion-year-old dead star surrounded by broken and dead planets called planetesimals.

The weird part is this the planet teems with elements like lithium and potassium completely different formation from the ower solar system.

Researchers say this white star (WDj2147-4035) is dead before the sun and earth were born. 

Even The chunks around this star are the oldest planetesimals that have ever been found in our galaxy.

On the chunk, researchers found a heavy amount of lithium, potassium, and sodium.

Researchers use an x-shooter (An x-Shooter is a type of profoundly valuable astronomical tool called a "spectrometer") for this findings.

Every star even our sun will end up like this, they expand into colossal red giant giants, destroying or disrupting nearby objects.

The red giants will leave behind relics of broken-apart planets and moons. The remnant star itself will be a white dwarf.

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