Juno Spacecraft's Close Flyby of Jupiter's Volcanic Moon, Io

Io, the volcanic moon of Jupiter, will be the object of NASA's Juno spacecraft's closest flyby.

The flypast will be Juno's closest contact with Io to yet.

Juno will pass within 645 miles (1,038 kilometers) of the moon's surface.

With hundreds of active volcanoes, Io is well recognised for its strong volcanic activity.

Juno will be able to gather important information on Io's volcanic activity during the close approach.

Juno will examine Io's surface composition and study its volcanic plumes.

By studying the moon's interactions with Jupiter's magnetic field and interior structure, researchers hope to learn more.

Juno will take detailed pictures and measure a variety of factors using its arsenal of scientific tools.

The ongoing mission of Juno to investigate Jupiter and its moons includes this near encounter with Io.

We will learn more about the intricate dynamics of Io and its interaction with Jupiter thanks to the information gathered during the flyby.