Scientists in Hong Kong, Macao flock to sign up for Chinese space missions

The first-ever chance for scientists and engineers to participate in China's manned space missions. 

That has been met with tremendous enthusiasm in both the Special Administrative Regions of Macao and Hong Kong.

Following the previous application deadline in the Macao SAR, applications for payload specialists.

 a class of astronauts primarily tasked with conducting aeronautical experiments and research closed on Thursday in the HKSAR.

Hao Xiaotian, a 31-year-old Ph.D. graduate from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, said he decided to sign up the moment he was notified of the opportunity. 

Through the basic research, I hope to lay a solid foundation for future astrobiology explorations, she said

It's a catalyst for change in the new space economy in Hong Kong,said Quentin Parker, director of the Laboratory for Space Research of the University of Hong Kong.

Sun Dong, secretary for innovation, technology, and industry of the HKSAR government, said that

aerospace is an important industry for Hong Kong in terms of industrial development, and aerospace technology will support Hong Kong's technological and economic development in the future.

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