GoPro's New Subscription Pricing: Lower Prices, Concerns for Loyal Subscribers

GoPro reduced the cost of its monthly service.

Two tiers—"GoPro" and "GoPro+"—are included in the new price scheme.

Unlimited cloud storage, camera replacement, and accessory savings are included in the $1.99 "GoPro" tier.

In addition, the $4.99 "GoPro+" tier offers discounts on camera replacements, up to 50% off accessories, and unlimited cloud storage at original resolution.

Existing customers will transition to the "GoPro+" tier but will continue to pay their current prices through January 2023.

Existing subscribers will switch to the new pricing structure after January 2023.

The price cuts might displease devoted subscribers who had previously paid higher rates.

Through these modifications, GoPro hopes to increase the value of its subscription service and draw in new customers.