DJI is releasing the third iteration of its Osmo series of action cameras, the Osmo 3.

The new camera ramps up the battery capacity significantly, and makes the camera more creator-friendly than ever.

The designers built the camera around a 1770mAh battery, which lets the camera record for two and a half hours.

Ever since we released the original Osmo Action in 2019, we have been continuously inspired by the stunning footage captured with it, said Paul Pan, senior product line manager at DJI.

Every new feature made Osmo Action 3 the most reliable, tough and easy-to-use action camera. We can’t wait to see what our users create when they push their limits with Osmo Action 3

The camera shoots in 4K at 120 fps, and has a super-wide field of view, with advanced image stabilization. If you have battery, you can record.

The camera loves extreme conditions, both in terms of temperature and waterproofing.

The Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo retails for $439 and includes the same package, but with three batteries, two quick-release mounts and a battery case.