Conspiracy Theories That People

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The world is flat.

Some people believe that the earth is flat and stationary rather than round and rotating.

The moon landing was fake.

The people believe that the moon landing was fake because there are no stars in the sky whatsoever, the flag is moving in the wind and shadows are missing in the video 

COVID-19 was engineered by the media.

Some individuals believe that the virus is a hoax that was created by the media and the global elite in order to manipulate the populace.

Earth has been sucked into a black hole.

The few who believe that Earth was accidentally swallowed into a black hole after CERN discovered the Higgs Boson in 2012.

The Earth is hollow.

Some adherents of the hollow Earth idea even argue that there is an Earth inside of Earth.

We're all living in the Matrix.

This might sound strange but some people believe that we live in a real-life simulation like as shown in Matrix Movie.

The moon isn't real.

You might not believe it but some people believe that moon is not real its a projection.

Apollo 17 wasn't the last moon mission.

 Many people believe that all moon missions are terminated after the interaction of aliens on the moon during the Apollo mission. 

5G causes cancer and COVID-19.

Because to the widespread adoption of this theory, several 5G towers were actually demolished because people were afraid the strong connection would harm them.

COVID-19 was engineered by the media.

Conspiracy theorists are suspicious of the Black Knight satellite. NASA says that it is just space junk, but some believe it is an alien spaceship.