China's Mysterious Spaceplane Raises Orbit Nearly 3 Months After Launch

Almost Eight weeks passed since we hear about China‚Äôs spaceplane which launch from Gobi Desert in August. 

However, something is going on since the spacecraft just used its thrusters to ascend to a higher and more circular orbit, though for unclear reasons.

On August 4, the reusable spacecraft was launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center aboard a Long March 2F carrier rocket.

Few details on China's spacecraft have been released, with the Chinese government only confirming that it will stay in orbit for an unspecified time according to official media at the time of launch.

The spaceplane is a hybrid aircraft that travels into space atop a conventional vertical rocket.

With the second spacecraft being in orbit for over three months and increasing its operating orbit, China's second attempt to launch and test a spaceplane looks to be more ambitious.

The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, a state-owned vehicle company that produces both military and commercial space launch vehicles, is responsible for the spaceplane project.

Both experimental vehicles are still aloft in the skies, with no word on when they may land just yet.

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