China begins nuclear island installation

China is counstructing a Linglong One, multi-functional small modular and pressurized-water nuclear reactor.

China National Nuclear Corporation built the project based on its own independent research and intellectual property rights.

The International Atomic Energy Agency certified it as the first reactor of its kind in the world on the grounds that it was designed to meet the varied energy requirements of the area.

According to sources, The nuclear island is the most important part and other facilities like power station pressure vessels and steam generators will be installed in the future.

The construction starts in July 2021 and is expected 58 months to completion. 

The plant is not only used for energy generation but also for seawater desalination, regional heating, industrial heating and other purposes

One billion kilowatt-hours of electricity may be produced by each Linglong One set, which has a power output of 125,000 kilowatts.

According to data from the National Energy Administration, China increased its investment in energy projects by 16.7% on an annual basis in the first eight months of this year.

The Linglong One could serve as a demonstration project, according to Lin Boqiang, director of the China Center for Energy Economics Research at Xiamen University.

However, he added that one problem with the small reactor is that it's hard to make them commercialized as a result of its limited capacity.