worried about poor sound recordings? "Enhance Speech" uses AI to make poor-quality voice recordings sound professional for free. 

Adobe recently released its powerful speech enhancer AI tool named Enhanced speech which can enhance poor-quality voice recording by removing background noise. 

The Enhanced speech tool is part of Shasta an AI research project by adobe.

According to a test we conducted, Enhance Speech performed best when used with audio that had a voice without significant noise or crosstalk.

The Enhance Speech AI is based on a deep-learning model, which can pick up the human voice and synthesize a facsimile that accurately matches the source.

Some cases reported that this AI produces some weird noises when it misinterprets the input audio commonly with extremely noisy and non-English audio

This AI is not the only player in the field, an open-source package mayavoz and Audio Studio doing similar things.

Enhance Speech is a powerful tool for beginners who are a beginner at editing or do not have a professional setup for audio recording.

Adobe is also working on a transcript-based audio-editing tool that is still undergoing an invitation-only beta test.

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