28 sep, 2022

A Robot May End Up Building the Battery of the Future

One of the biggest hurdles in the way of completely stimulating buses, trains, and airplanes, however, is the fact that it takes so important time to simply make a battery. 

In a study published in Nature Dispatches, experimenters have cooked a system using an AI in order to find the stylish form for an LI-Ion battery’s electrolyte quicker than in traditional styles. 

The study’s authors say that the system could indeed lead to briskly charging and longer-lasting batteries.

Developing high-energy and effective battery technologies is a pivotal aspect of advancing the electrification of transportation and aeronautics, the authors wrote.

That’s why the platoon created a RubeGoldberg-Esque robotics platform dubbed Clio that’s able of mixing and formulating liquid samples in order to identify the stylish electrolytes.

 The robot was combined with an AI software dubbed Dragonfly that planned the trial and also created a material slice strategy for Clio to mix and match the right formulas.