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5 Common Household Items Invented By NASA

29 sep, 2022

Cordless Vacuums

NASA wants cordles tools that could operate in Space so, Black & Decker decided to create the Dustbuster cordless vacuum, which went on to generate $6 billion in sales for the company

Digital Cameras

The first camera was made by Kodiak but NASA was the mind behind the digital image sensor. He made it digital imaging by using mosaic photosensors to "digitize light signals". 

Shock-Absorbing Athletic Shoes

NASA first create shock-absorbing helmets using "blow rubber molding," and then use it in shoes Frank Rudy is the man behind this. 

Memory Foam

Temper foam or Memory foam was first used in NASA's airplane seats. Then in 1974 the rights of this material were sold and used in different products.

Computer Mouse

Bob Taylor, is the guy behind the invention of the computer mouse At that time computer was jus an arithmetic machine, and want to make it simple to use.