Future lunar bases could be constructed by NASA using 3D-printed moon-dust blocks.

The new building material relies on lunar regalith, aka moon dirt.


NASA's Artemis lunar program aims to return mankind to the moon for an extended stay, 

but there are still many issues to be sorted out before we can securely settle down on the moon for the long haul.

 One of these challenges is the actual material astronauts will use to build a permanent lunar base,

 which will necessitate a variety of engineering issues we typically never need to think about on Earth.

However, recent developments have allowed Artemis organizers to 3D-print base camp building blocks directly on the lunar surface 

 using debris and seawater, saving them a lot of time and effort in transporting supplies between Earth and the moon. 

Apart from the structural stability, one of the chief benefits would be a dramatic reduction in material costs for the Artemis lunar base.



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