Arduino Software Download and installation in 2 simple steps

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Step by step guide Arduino Software Download and installation. We will discuss two common methods. The first method is for non-admin users or if you don’t want to install the software. The second method is for the admin user or if you want to install the entire Arduino software.

Method One Arduino software Download


Go to the official website of Arduino software Download. scroll down till you’ll get the following screen. Click on Windows ZIP File for non-admin install, I marked a circle on the image.

The next page is contributing to the Arduino software. if you want to support Arduino company you can Donate them some money or You can click on just download. After this, your download started automatically.

arduino software download
Arduino software download


Open your Downloads or navigate to download location. Extract the compressed file you will get a folder name (Arduino-1.8.xx-windows) Open this folder and double click on Arduino Application.

arduino software download

If everything is fine you will get this screen.

Method Two

The second method is slightly different and has multiple steps. But this is the recommended method for beginners.

Step 1

Go to the official website of Arduino and click on windows installer, for Windows XP and up. On the next page click on just download, I already explained this step above.

Step 2

Navigate to download location and double-click on the setup. Arduino Setup: License Agreement window popup then Click on I Agree

Next window popup is Arduino Setup: Installation Options Click on next

Next Window is Arduino Setup: Installation Folder, in this you can choose your desire location or just click on Install. It will install on default Folder.

after installation close button will be highlighted. Click on close

An Arduino IDE shortcut is created on your desktop. Double click on it.

Now your setup is complete, enjoy the software.

arduino software download

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Note:- If you are using windows 7 or windows XP drivers must be installed manually. Otherwise, your computer will not detect Arduino.


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