The future of AI is terrifying

These images are disturbing, but they show us something important. 

Artificial intelligence promises to revolutionise art and how humans interact with art.

 The network is called Dall-e 2, and it remins a remarkable chunk of not quite sentient tech. However such is the astonishing, accelerating speed of development in AI Dall-e has already been overtakn

A British company Stability AI launchd an AI which has been richly fed like a lean greyhoud given filet steak on bilion imags, equiping it to make brnd new imges when promptd by a linguistic mesage. 

It is called Stable Diffusion and it is revolutionary in multiple ways, perhaps the most important being this unlike other models, the ‘owners’ are letting anyone to use it.

Most investors want to make investments 
in such a way that they get sky high 
returns as quickly as possible without the 
risk of losing principal money.

There were dozens of ‘photos’ like this deeply strange, powerfully creepy. And then I peaked with one particular image, which makes me flinch even now.