Raspberry pi 5 features specification.

Raspberry pi is a series of single-board computers. The latest board available in the market is the Raspberry pi 4, The most powerful board is coming soon which is the Raspberry pi 5.

Raspberry Pi is very popular among makers. There are many variants available in the market. Raspberry pi B was the first board launched on 15-2012. Now we have Raspberry pi 4 launched in 2019. Here we will predict Raspberry pi 5 features and Specifications.

Raspberry pi board
Raspberry pi Board

SOC of Raspberry pi 5

The Processor in Raspberry pi 5

Pi 4 has the most powerful processor cortex-A72 (ARM V8) 64-bit. This is a 4 core processor. In raspberry pi 5 we might get the latest processor by ARM which is Cortex-A76.

RAM of the Raspberry pi

RAM change for every model like R.pi 3 A+ has 512MB of RAM and R.pi 3 B+ has 1GB of RAM. When it comes to raspberry pi 4 we have 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB options. So according to this data R.pi 5 has variants up to 8GB. Also, it has variants like 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB Of RAM.


Wired Connectivity

Standard 4 USB port will remain in pi 5. But all ports must be USB 3.0. An Ethernet port will be there. Audio and video out will be there with 2 micro HDMI. 3.5 mm jack might be removed because as we are seeing in high-end mobiles they use the USB port for the audio output. All the Communication protocols like SPI, UART, and I2C will be there. I don’t think the number of GPIO will increase. Also a MicroSD card slot for the operating system.

Wireless Connectivity

2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi will be there. To build Bluetooth, 5.0 will be also there.


The standard power source is through a Type-c USB jack and 2A power rating. Also with PoE hat (power over ethernet).


The Physical dimension will be almost similar to its iconic models.


Raspberry pi is always available at an affordable price so according to me Raspberry Pi 5 must be available for approx 40$.

The prediction is based on previous Data and consumer behavior. The final specification will be provided after company officials announced. Currently, we can wait for the next masterpiece by the Raspberry foundation.

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2 thoughts on “Raspberry pi 5 features specification.”

  1. The further into the future this PC’s launch moves, the higher specs can be expected. Today, 2022, July 1, I already expect a modification with 16GB DDR5 RAM. 4GB will likely remain an option for cheaper models, such as the Pi Zero 2024 edition. Yes, I expect the next Pi series, precisely in the year 2024 on the market.

    • I doubt they will put ddr5 its very expensive,even so what use will have 16gb ram in arm to play crysis 4??

      Sata and or m2 port will be very welcome,emmc is useless,slow,expensive,old, limited lifetime.

      An octacore finally no more quad its enough.and sdr104 card reader.

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