India’s First interactive art installation

Interactive art installation

Technology is uplifting the art installation on the next level. A mixture of motors, LEDs, computers, and crafts opens new doors to the artist. It also encourages artists as well as engineers to create something unbelievable masterpieces.

One of them is installed in Chandigarh. This artwork holds the title of India’s longest interactive wall. The engineering name this masterpiece Shado me. A person can actually visualize his shadow on the wall in the form of lights and this is India’s first interactive art.

interactive art

What is an interactive art installation?

According to wiki interactive art is an art that involves the spectator in a way that allows the art to achieve its purpose. Some interactive art installation achieves this by letting the observer or visitor “walk” in, on, and around them, some others ask the artist or the spectators to become part of the artwork.

interactive art installation


This masterpiece is installed at the entrance occupies 50 foot in length and 7 foot in height of space. 8000 pixel Led’s are useful in this installation. 5 powerful computers and 5 Kinect cameras are used.

Height = 7’0”

Width = 50’0”

Number of LEDs = 8000

Camera = 5

Computers = 5

Thesis interactive art installation took 1 month of research and 15 days of installation time. A team of 5 highly Qualified engineers makes this task possible.

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